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The Fairfield County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security is here to work to create a safer community.

About us:

Our Mission: Ema Mission

To establish, coordinate and sustain partnerships throughout Fairfield County, united in efforts to prepare for emergencies and to minimize loss of life and property and help the community to return to normalcy when they occur.

In reality:

Consider an emergency: a house fire, car accident, or a security breach. These emergencies can be handled by the resources of the county.  The Law Enforcement and Fire Departments are highly trained and ready to respond and care for these emergencies.  But what if the fire consumes a city block… this might be too much for any single fire department to handle.  Well before these emergencies occurred, there are “Memorandums of Understanding” in place with other area fire and law departments where they have agreed to help each other out. 

A disaster occurs, when the emergency is so large, that the resources in the county and with the help provided by Memorandums of Understanding, cannot cover the need for the situation. 

This is when the EMA steps in to coordinate a response.  If the emergency was a tornado that destroyed 100 homes, or if the power was out for a week in half the county, this would require resources that are more than our county could handle.  We need additional help and support.  By bringing the decision makers together at the Emergency Operations Center, we can coordinate with all the county resources to decide the best way to help our residents.  This may include asking the state for assistance. 

The four phases of Emergency Management are mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.
Mitigation is any action taken to eliminate or reduce the degree of long-term risk to human life and property from any type of hazard. 
Preparedness is any activity taken in advance of an emergency that facilitates the implementation of a coordinated response.
Response is any action taken immediately before, during, or directly after any emergency or disaster that saves lives, minimizes damage to property, and enhances the effectiveness of recovery.
Recovery is short-term activity to return vital life-support systems to minimum operation standards and long-term activity designed to return society to safe and normal levels of activity. 


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