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Incident Safety Officers (ISO)

The Fairfield County Special Operations Team’s Incident Safety Officers Group consists of 18 fire fighters throughout Fairfield County.  These members are line of duty officers of their respective department, affiliated team or group and have completed and are qualified as Firefighter II.  The members have had training in various areas to include NFPA 1521 Fire Department Safety Officer, NFPA 1403 Live Fire Training Evolutions, various ICS & NIMS courses, and technical rescue & operations techniques.

The ISO team is dispatched and responds to a number of different incidents to include fires (structure, auto and vegetation), auto accidents, mass casualty incidents, hazardous materials incidents, water emergencies and any other type of incidents of technical nature.

The main purpose of the ISO team is to keep the members of the responding fire departments safe while performing their duties.  The ISO is the second or third set of eyes on “the scene.”  They are the “watch dogs” of the fire departments.  They have the ability and authority to stop any action on the scene or fire ground that they deem unsafe.  They assure that all members on the scene and fire ground are accounted for by the use of an accountability system that is recognized county wide by all fire departments.  The ISO member works closely with the Incident Commander and is at his or her disposal for the duration of the incident.  It is not the intent of the ISO to take command but to support its operations. 

Finally after the incident the ISO completes an After Action report that is sent to all of the fire chiefs of the jurisdictions involved in the incident.  This report will outline areas of concern that the ISO may have witnessed.  This report is in no way meant to be negative but should be used by the departments as a training guide to identify safety deficiencies in the departments.

If you have any questions concerning the ISO team, please contact Scott Baker at emasot@co.fairfield.oh.us.